Dear Robby

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Robby is 8 Dear Robby,

Today is the day you turn 8.  8 years of marveling at how smart you are, 8 years of of laughter and snuggles and my heart swelling with pride.

I am so in love with your sweet little face, with your heart, with your sense of humor. With your giant head and even bigger heart, you are a true celebrity – shown time and again by the random people that yell “Hi Robby!” wherever we go, and the many people that love to read your “Robby-isms” when I post them on social media.

2015-06-20_0001 Ah yes, the Robby-isms.  There were so many I had to start a Twitter account for you so I could keep a history of them.  And while I may not have documented them all, there is certainly a great sampling there – from the curiously wise statements, to the head scratchers, I love them all.

“I took your freckles off. I’ll give them back if you have money”

“I’m not a grown up, I’m a growing up”

“Gravity should be called Grabity. Cause it’s like a big hand pulling you down.”

“They have claws and don’t like people. They can suck your blood. Sometimes they pinch you. They are called “cramps” and Allie had them once.

“I don’t wanna be a grown up, I just wanna be the boss.”

“If I walk up to my dad and whisper “sphincter” in his ear he will laugh.  Then he will yell at my sister for daring me to do it.”

and my all time favorite:

“It’s not a kiss, it’s a mouth five”


And that all about sums it up – what else can I say?  You make me laugh every day, and when people tell me what a great kid you are, I just smile and agree, and am so thankful that you are mine.

You rock Robby, and I hope you have the best birthday ever!!



Robby and Mommy


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