Breaking Blog Rules

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iPhone photo of a Grasshopper

iPhone photo of a Grasshopper

Break the rules is my new rule.

Blogging has “rules”. Did you know?

You need to have a niche. A great name and url. A clear purpose. Consistency (in content, voice and publishing frequency). Great content.

I’ve tried, but I’m not very good at rules. You know what happens? My heart gets heavy as I consider the things I should be doing and then I don’t publish at all because it doesn’t follow my theme/niche/rules or isn’t good enough.

I’m done. Starting today I publish whatever I want with no regards to the “rules”.  

When I started PFP I had grand intentions of “becoming an authority” and “providing value” and all of the other things I thought I “should” do, but it was not bringing me joy. And quite frankly I don’t have time to commit to things that do not bring me joy.

I am hoping that posting only what I WANT TO, PFP will morph into something more…personal.

Will the blog still be about faces and places? Of course – but maybe indirectly. The faces may be mine or my kids. Or the ref that got between me and “THE shot”. The place may be home. Or the grocery store. Or my favorite dinner spot in Chelsea (Smokehouse 52 by the way).

It may get more personal than businessy sometimes. Or I might shamelessly plug my photography business. There may be posts that leave you scratching your head.  I might post photos of Amazing vacation spots. Or my kids. Or a Grasshopper.

Because I can.

I want to write. About everything, not just specific things. You may learn what has worked for me. You may simply shake your head.

Hopefully all three of my loyal followers will be ok with this change. (haha)

On the promotion note – there is even more randomness on my social media accounts at the moment (rules be damned there too, moving forward)
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