Things Your Photographer Wants You To Know

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Things your photographer wants you to know

1) Selective color. It’s out. It’s the fastest way to make your images look cliche, dated, and unoriginal. When you ask me to do it, I die a little inside.

No Selective Color Please

Please…just…NO. Not the eyes, not the flowers, not the bow in the hair. Choose color or BW but not both…

2) Clients with vision and style? You rock and we love you.  We love your ideas, we love your input and we love working with you.  We encourage ALL clients to share their thoughts, ideas and preferences – we can help you bring them to life!

Holiday session in Chelsea Michigan

Vision and Style – I love when clients share their ideas

3) Even though we make the photo shoot seem effortless and so much fun it is really hard work – and our work continues long after your session is complete.

4) We know that some people think we are too expensive. But by the time we pay taxes & insurance, and work several hours editing we may often make less than your teen who works fast food.

5) We genuinely love and appreciate our clients and are personally invested in producing amazing images for you. Downloading images from a recent session is like Christmas.

6) We love when you share our images on social media from our profile with a link back to our page/profile. We do not love when you download the image and share it on your own profile with no link back. Also, Instagram filters are not awesome, please don’t put them on our work when you share.

7) Price should not be your sole consideration when choosing a photographer. Please also consider the experience, skill and vision of your photographer.  Amazing portraits are worth saving up for.

8) We do not expect gifts or tips. However, we love it when we receive them.

A favorite gift from a client

One of my favorite gifts from a client

9) Trust us when we say you really DONT want to see ALL of the images. Truly.  We take out the stinkers. Trust us.

10) Yes we love what we do. This is the best profession in the world

Tressie Davis Photography specializes in portraits of children, teens and families, as well as sports. Tressie Davis Photography is available for location work in Chelsea, MI and the surrounding areas. View more portrait work at To check availability or request a proposal, please email, or call 734-216-1992.

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