Lacking Inspiration? Try one of these 5 Creativity Apps

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Lacking Inspiration?  Try one of these 5 Creativity Apps

Before anyone beats me up, yes I know these are all ios apps.  I have an iPhone, sorry.  I tried to look up Android versions and did not find them, though the LearnPhoto Developer indicates he is working on an Android version.

Inspiration Apps

A Screen shot of my Inspiration Folder


LearnPhoto 365 (free ios / full $2.99 ios)

Step up your photography game with LearnPhoto 365.  The free version of this Photography Assignment Generator app includes most of the same functionality as the paid version, and you may never need/want to upgrade.  The menu of this app is very straight forward, and you may choose your assignment from a list, or allow the app to choose one randomly for you.  Categories include camera settings, composition, creative techniques, creative thinking, fun with light, landscape and nature, photographing people, randomizer and various subjects.  Within each of these categories you will see an additional breakdown of lessons or challenges related to the category, and when choosing those, an explanation and assignment using the technique.  The app allows you to save your favorites to revisit time and again.  The “challenges” option is possibly my favorite part – within challenges you will find options for 365/52/30, Selfie 365, scavenger hunt, weekly portrait and 30 day subject, each of which breaks down into a list of shots to accomplish.  Of all of the apps in this article, this one is my favorite. (photographer much? ha)

Oflow ($ .99 ios)

Do you need inspiration on how to overcome an obstacle, or general brainstorming?  Oflow is the solution.  Choose from a list of methods including Backtrack, Free write, Start at the end, etc, or allow the app to choose a random method for you.  Within each method are instructions on how to utilize it.  This app allows you to save your favorite methods, write notes and set reminders.

Whack Pack ($1.99 ios)

A virtual pack of creativity cards, Whack Pack will generate ideas, give advice, and generally just point your brain in a new direction.  “Give me a Whack” will bring up a card with a simple concept.  Turning that card over (story) will give a story/outline of the concept and why it is beneficial, followed by questions to ask yourself

Art Prompts ($ .99 ios plus in app purchases available)

In their words: an endless supply of creative inspiration for artists!  This is the first app I’ve used that combines multiple genres, styles and mediums (including photography, yay).  Choosing the “mixed” tab will give you a medium, a style, a genre and a word to use for inspiration.  Other tabs will give you one of the options (for example a style) along with sketches and colors for inspiration.

Brain Sparker (Free ios / $2.99 VIP Access, in app purchase)

Ok I know I said that the first app was my favorite, and maybe it is but Brain Sparker is definitely a close second.  The free starter pack comes with 200 spark cards to “trigger new ideas and fresh thinking”.  The cards include probing questions, inspirational quotes and images to prompt ideas.  You may purchase additional decks individually for $ .99 or VIP Access for $2.99 – I chose the VIP access and now have access to all decks and the app allows me to choose which decks to include in my shuffle at any given time.  Decks include the starter pack, New Year pack (goal setting), Blogger pack (titles for crafting blog posts), Coach’s pack (probing questions for powerful change), innovator pack, quotes pack, words pack (trigger words for focus and clarity), and writers pack (story starters for creative writing).  Even when I don’t need inspiration I love browsing through these cards!!

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