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About Me

My name is Tressie.  I'm a wife, mom of 4, Photographer, Blogger and Friendly Mischief Maker. Not necessarily in that order.

I was born in Marshall, Michigan, and currently reside in Chelsea, Michigan (I love and appreciate Chelsea!!).

I love lists, photography and nature.  I am the girl that laughs at things that no one else finds funny, and I contend that I am a (mildly inappropriate) product of my environment.  I can't sing, I spend far too much time on the internet and Awkward is my middle name. I would much rather eat Deep Fried Cheesecake than go to the gym.  

As far as photography, well…

Photography makes me whole in a way that I can't even begin to understand or explain. 

My Style

My images are simple, timeless and authentic. 

Each session is an exploration of a personal story, and the resulting images are a creative reflection of my subjects and their essence – not just a documentation of what they look like on the outside, but an expression of who they are on the inside. 

Love, Freedom, Mischievousness, Happiness, Independence…if it’s there I will capture it.

I value simplicity during my sessions as well.  The majority of my sessions are conducted with natural/available light only.  I do have the experience and equipment for shooting with studio strobes, but I much prefer using only my camera and creativity when at all possible.

My Mission

I aim to provide a collaborative creative experience that unleashes the unique beauty, heart and essence of my clients.  My goal is to confidently and consistently give life to images that represent the true spirit and soul of everyone I work with. It is important to me to preserve your memories in images that embody the true, unique, YOU.

History of Tressie Davis Photography

Tressie Davis Photography was established in March of 2006, to provide families and individuals with unique and artistic custom portraiture. While previously dabbling in weddings and corporate photography, Tressie Davis Photography now focuses on seniors, families, teens & tweens and sports.


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Let Tressie Davis Photography be a part of preserving YOUR special memories.

Your Life...Pictured.


In addition to Photography, I also author a blog - please be sure to check out Project Faces and Places!