Frequently Asked Questions

What should we wear?

In general, keep it simple and coordinated with clothing in a similar style, but try to avoid being matchy/matchy.  Solid colors are best, but small patterns can be incorporated as long as they are not super distracting (you can always spice up your solids with bright/patterned accessories like a scarf).  Avoid large logos or words/pictures on clothing.  Consider your portrait location and try to coordinate with the surroundings – ie: for a shoot in a park, go for earthy tones and avoid neon.  Simple, classic clothing is best, and pay attention to footwear – yes those white sneakers will be noticeable.  Actually, avoid white entirely if possible - the brightest point in the photo tends to become the focal point, and we want that focal point to be your face, not your clothing!  Most of all, wear something that makes you feel good.  There is nothing worse than feeling self conscious about what you are wearing - and that will show in the final image.  For some visual inspiration, check out my Pinterest board.

Where will the session be held, do you have a studio? How do I choose a location?

Tressie Davis Photography does not have a formal studio location.  Sessions are held at a location of your choice within 30 miles of Chelsea, Michigan.  Most clients choose a location based on the style of images they want – nature (parks/fields), urban (a downtown or city location), or their home (we can shoot indoors and out)  For private property or restricted locations, the client will be required to secure permission to shoot in these areas.

When is payment required?

Payment is required in full at the time you book your session in order to reserve the date.

What if it rains?

We will keep an eye on the weather right up until the last few hours before your session. Very often, the rain will hold off long enough for the session to take place as scheduled.  I am willing to work in a drizzle - photos with umbrellas or children playing in the rain/puddles can be stunning!  Sometimes the rain is concentrated in one location, and moving the session to a new location will solve the problem.  If it's pouring rain/storming or some other issue that just cannot be worked around, we can discuss indoor locations or reschedule the shoot for another day.

Can I bring my friend/mom/dog/giant instrument/whatever?

YES! And I love it when people bring personalized props!  Just be conscious of location choice when considering things like pets - the location you choose must allow whatever it is you are wanting to include in your portraits.

How long until I receive my images?

Typically images will be online available for you to view and place orders (or download if you purchased the digital files) within 2-3 weeks.  Any physical items included in your initial order (USB with images, permission to print, prints, etc) will follow shortly after.

Do you shoot weddings?

No, Tressie Davis Photography no longer shoots weddings.

What equipment do you use?

It really depends on the shoot situation.  For portraits I primarily shoot with a Nikon D800 and 85mm 1.4 lens or 50mm 1.8.  For sports I use a Sony A9, 70-200mm 2.8 and/or 16-35mm 2.8.  If necessary I do have studio strobes, modifiers and backdrops for studio portraits.

What is the difference between a senior session and a family session? 

A Senior session will reflect the personality of the individual, while a family session will reflect the relationship and essence of the family as a unit.  While individual images will be taken during a family shoot, they are an extension of the "feel" of the family session. 

For the Sports Action Package, do you guarantee to get at least one image of each player?

While Tressie Davis Photography will make every effort to get at least one shot of each player, it cannot be guaranteed.  What is delivered during an hour of sports shooting is dependent on what happens during the game, who the coaches put into the game, which players are most active in plays and where the photographer is standing at any given moment in the game.

Cancellation/Refund Policy

Payment is due in full at the time you book your session in order to reserve the date.  Once I have accepted your payment, I do not book other clients for that date/time.  

The following circumstances will allow you to receive your refund in full:

 - If you cancel your session at least 3 weeks prior to your scheduled date.  (This allows Tressie Davis Photography time to work on scheduling another client for that date/time)

 - If we are unable to hold your session on the scheduled date due to the weather, we will make every effort to reschedule a new date that works for your family. If for some reason we are unable to find a suitable reschedule date, your session fee will be refunded in full.

 - If Tressie Davis Photography needs to cancel a session for any reason, and we are unable to schedule a new date that works for your family.  

 - If you cancel your session within three weeks of your scheduled date, and we are unable to reschedule a new date that works for both Tressie Davis Photography and your family, you will receive a partial refund.  Details and amount of the refund are dependent on the reason for the cancellation, as well as at what point it was canceled and whether Tressie Davis Photography is able to book a new client for the canceled date.

Do you offer lessons or workshops?

I do not currently offer lessons or workshops, but I may in the future, stay tuned!!  Or contact me if you are looking for something specific, I would love to hear what people are looking for.

How can I become a better photographer?

Read, study, practice.  Truly, that is what it takes.  One of my favorite instructional websites is Digital Photography School where you can search on any topic and get some great how to information.  Or try one of the books on my Recommended Reading List for Aspiring Photographers.